Why do you need a Business Coach?

I’ve just responded to a great question on a Dental Forum which asked : “Why do you need a business coach?” You can read some tips on juliehancoaching.com. I thought it would be helfpul to post my reply too:


I just wanted to give my thoughts on the concept of using a coach. As you may know I’ve run my own dental laboratory for 16 years using the best Dental Office Space for Lease for this, I now run a marketing company helping dentists with online marketing plus I have an MBA… I guess I’m pretty qualified to run a decent business…

However I have a business coach (and am a coach myself) – this is where my coach helps me:

1) To remove negative emotions. Anger, Fear and Guilt can be BIG hurdles and restrictions in business – think back to things you’ve done in the past… often anger is there, fear and other negative emotions. Most people then self sabotage their current and future successes by not removing these old negative emotions, being fearful of mistakes, angry at situations or guilty about what might happen .

2) To remove limiting beliefs. Typically people have restrictive beliefs about themselves – things like ‘I’m not worth it’ ‘I don’t deserve success’ ‘I’ll always be a failure’. If a person holds these beliefs to be true.. then they are true and that person will NEVER achieve what they want. Once again a suitably trained coach can help you remove these limiting beliefs.

3) Conflicting personality parts. Many people have internal conflicts that they are not at first aware of. e.g. “part of me wants security and part of me wants freedom” or “Part of me wants to be a business owner and do what I want and part of me wants the security of an employer” this type of conflict will again prevent a business owner from achieving and a coach can help that person overcome this.

This type of coach works with business owners but most often does not get involved with the day to day business activities… this is where the wonderful Chris Barrow (CB) and Kevin Rose (KR) some in to play (These are top UK coaches for dentists).

This coaching style (and indeed why I have my own coach) is to ensure that my head is in the right place, with no unconscious sabotage, with every part of my personality aligned to reach my business goal free of negative emotions and limiting self belief. In my opinion there’d be a whole load more successful businesses if more business owners sorted out the negative and limiting ‘shit’ going on in their head!

You can then work on your business, either on your own or with the likes of CB, KR or other ‘implementation business coach’ to ensure that the business itself is working efficiently and effectively.

Does that help answer the question “why do you need a business coach?”



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