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Elite Breakthrough Coaching for Professionals

Breakthrough the barriers that you know are holding you back…

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Does any of this sound familiar?

If you felt even the slightest notion of “Yes, that’s me”, then Elite Breakthrough Coaching could be exactly what you were looking for.

Are you ready to:

It’s not very often that coaching programs like this come along.

Coaching programs that actually make a difference and are definable and measurable.

I’ve seen it so many times.

People go on business courses because they think that will change their business. But that’s not the whole answer, is it?

Let’s put it really simply. If a person wants to lose weight, all they do is implement a simple strategy. Eat less. Exercise more.

Yet everyone that wants to lose weight knows that it’s far more than this, it’s about getting your mindset right. Simply learning about the strategies in themselves isn’t going to work.

Life & business is no different. You could learn a simple strategy to improve the success of your business, to double turnover and  to grow the business and sell it, but if your mindset is not right then all of those strategies simply will not fall into place.

What’s required to put those  strategies into place is the right mindset. The right way of thinking.  The right way to communicate. The right way to deal with others.

And that’s what Elite Breakthrough Coaching does. It identifies the barriers that are holding you back and destroys them.

No more barriers.

Nothing holding you back.

And now, those strategies you’ve learnt on all those business courses can really get to work.

And that’s why Elite Breakthrough Coaching could be one of the most valuable investment you ever make in your personal development!

I primarily work with professionals in the healthcare or wellness sector –  Dentists, Doctors, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Reflexologists & Aromatherapists – however my Elite Executive Coaching is suitable for any industry or individual wanting to breakthrough and achieve more.

What is Elite Breakthrough Coaching?

How to break through

As well as all of the fundamental business, relationship and personal development strategies I shared with my clients over the years, I will also be sharing with you:

  • The ideas and methodologies we use with NLP to fundamentally change the way we think.
  • The 14 presuppositions enabling us to view life in radical new ways.
  • The NLP communication model – designed to help you understand the communication process and therefore communicate more elegantly.
  • 21 prime directives of the unconscious mind – allowing you to understand the way you think with clarity.
    • The 5 key Meta Programs that run in your brain – change these programs and you change everything!
    • Techniques to uncover your values – when you understand how your values can sometimes hold you back it makes sense to clarify what they are  and prioritise.
    • Uncovering the ‘towards and away from’ motivations behind your values – this can then make sure that everything is focused on achieving goals looking forwards, not looking back.
    • What belief systems do you have which prevent you from taking the action you need.
    • What are your prime concerns in life, starting things, changing things of stopping things? Now let’s get these prioritised.
    • How secondary gain can hold you back and how to eradicate secondary gain.
    • Setting a life and business goal which your brain can unconsciously follow
    • How to get rid of limiting decisions

NLP is fundamentally  a system for looking at the way you take your subjective view of the world and encode it.

When we understand how you encode it we effectively turn it into a program.

That program can be rewritten.

The overall objective of Elite Breakthrough Coaching is to help you achieve more, quicker, simpler  and easier than it’s ever been before. We will set defined and measurable goals at the beginning of coaching to ensure we can systematically measure our results.

How much?

How much extra per year will you earn when you break through the barriers which hold you back? £10K? £20K? More?

Or how much extra value would your business have if you were able to truly implement everything you’ve learned on other business courses?

…is there actually any limit to what you can achieve?

So I’m curious, if I showed you how to do exactly that, would a tax-deductible investment of £5000 seem like an excellent idea?


Could I help you break through?

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"Very valuable stuff for communication in every walk of life: consultations, team management, family, and even how one talks to oneself! I was very struck by what was illuminated for me about me"
"Its a must for every professional or individual who wants to really understand how to achieve their own personal and business goals"
Practice Manager
Dental Practice
"A must do course….a great self help/self assessment lesson in both personal & work life."
Practice Principal
Dental Practice

Meet your breakthrough coach

Mark Oborn MBA

  • 23 years experience as a Dental Technician
  • Masters Degree in Business Administration (Open)
  • Certified Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Master Practitioner Hypnosis
  • Master NLP Coach
  • Master Practitioner Time Line Therapy

“Mark has often been described as being ‘energetic and effervescent’, bringing a characteristic fizz and spark to everything he does. He has worked in dentistry all of his life and spent 23 years as a dental technician. After completing an MBA, he now runs a highly successful digital marketing agency. Being a Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) a Master Practitioner of Hypnosis and a Master NLP Coach, Mark also runs an Elite Breakthrough Coaching program working with health and wellness professionals giving  you the opportunity to break through your barriers, an insight into the way you think allowing you to reach success quicker, more easily & with less stress. Mark speaks the language of dentistry, marketing and mindset fluently so come prepared to learn and be inspired.”

Discover and connect with your own innate ability and success, find and maintain direction and reach your potential with total accountability.

*I guarantee you will see the results required if you undertake all tasks allocated to you, follow the NLP principles I give you and engage with the process.

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