What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the process by which we take the client from Effect back to Cause in their lives and business. NLP is a concept which guides the user towards success that leaves behind a trail of techniques that can be utilised.

In NeuroLinguistic Programming it is however more than a trial techniques, it is an attitude and a methodology of modelling and continual improvement and experimentation in order to achieve a desired result.

There is no one thing which defines NLP, as it is an eclectic mix of thoughts and ideas and techniques drawn from a wide range of psychological disciplines and taking inspiration and research from people such as Robert Dilts, Milton Erickson, Virginia Satir, Fritz Perls, Richard Bandler, Jonathan Grinder, Carl Jung, Deepak Chopra and many more…

Focus on What You Want

Our unconscious minds are REALLY good at getting what we want, so we better be really clear about what we want. For example a person may be focusing on NOT BEING POOR, so the focus is on poverty… and guess what they get? Poverty.

The change in mind set to focus on WEALTH instead of POVERTY is a subtle one yet a powerful change to make. Neuro Linguistic Programming helps us to identify the thought patterns and interupt them, remove them and install new (more helpful )ones.

When working with a client I will use:

  1. NLP to break down the problem, understand it & fix it
  2. Time Line Therapy™  to make lasting changes
  3.  Hypnosis to cement those changes in permanently
All a bit weird? Not really you see we do it all day long to ourselves:
  • We have that evil little voice in our heads that says we are no good (This is you using an NLP technique negatively)
  • We all know that if we got to the root cause of a problem then it would go away (This is what we do with Time Line Therapy™)
  • You drive a car and ‘end up’ at your destination without remembering pressing the peddles (This is you in light hypnotic trance)
So you see we use these techniques on ourselves daily, we just don’t know it!
How good would it be to use them for positive things?
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What Does NLP Do?

NLP deals with the internal filters that we all use to make sense of the world, the way we store memories, the way we talk to ourselves, the way we’ve been programmed to run over the years. By understanding how these filters affect our state, physiology and internal representation of the world it allows us to change behaviours really effectively.

Is NLP Manipulative?

Yes, is the simple answer. People are often concerned that others will manipulate them with NLP, so let’s consider this. Would it be good to manipulate a person’s mind so that they:

  • Learnt quicker
  • Remembered what they learnt longer
  • Were able to face challenges never before faced (phobias, presentations, public speaking etc)
  • Achieved their goals in business, life, relationships and family
  • Dealt with past anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt to live a more fulfilling life
I guess the answer really is YES, this is a good thing…

The ‘linguistics’ part of Neuro Linguistic Programming allows us to delve deep in to a problem really effectively, think of a problem you have, e.g. ‘I don’t feel like a success, or I don’t feel valued and do this exercise now…

This may not solve your problem right away, although some have great experiences where it can go just by listening to this.

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