Are there things in your business life that you procrastinate about?

If you procrastinated less would you get more done?

If I showed you a way that was guaranteed to remove procratination would that be beneficial to you and your business?

The secret is in a technique called ‘Chaining anchors’ which relies upon a simple idea that the simplest way to solve a problem is to break it down in to many parts, then chain those parts together in order to change. Step 1 is to identify a ‘state’ which you do well that could ‘pull’ you out of procrastination for example frustration. If frustration is a more powerful state for you than procrastination step 1 is to find a way for you to move from procrastination to frustration. once you feel frustrated, what state would pull you out of frustration? Perhaps desire, or passion? hhmm, nice states to be in huh?

OK, so now we need to find a way to help you get in to a state of passion, or desire or something else positive that would pull you out of frustratration. So now, can you see how you could move from that last state, desire or passion in to motivation? Is it concievable that you could see how you could move to motivation from that last state, now.

So now our example looks like this:

Procrastination > Frustration > Desire > Motivation

We simply need to design a process and technique that allows us to do this each time we feel procrastination – this will then create a new neural pathway in your brain so that the next time you feel procrastination your brain can clearly see a way out.

This is a technique that takes around 30 minutes to perform, please do call me for advice on how you can overcome procrastination today.



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