What is a life coach?

People often get confused between coaching and consulting so in this article I want to explain what the coach will do, you can then decide if you need a coach or a consultant.

The basic difference is that a consultant will tell you what to do:

  • Put this system in place.
  • Implement this protocol.
  • Change this in your life and everything will work.

Very basically, a consultant says “I know best, so do what I say”

A coach on the other hand works on a different principle:

  • I will help you discover the best systems that could work for you.
  • I will work with you to make sure you implement the protocols that you discover.
  • You know what is best for you and I will work with you to make that happen

Very basically, the coach says ” I will work with you to get the best out of you, help you discover the best way to do things for you”

So let’s look specifically at coaching, and more specifically at personal development coaching.

Personal development and breakthrough coaching works on the way you think & the way you approach problems that will help you break through barriers that are holding you back.

Classically, you might choose to use a coach if

  • Your business is stuck
  • You are stuck in your business or situation
  • There are habits you have that interfere with day to day business
  • Business or life isn’t happening as it should
  • You have a lack of direction
  • You are not succeeding or achieving what you want or deserve
  • You have a lack of self belief causing you to not push forward with new projects
  • You’re not feeling worthy
  • You’re not feeling like a success which then holds you back
  • You have a loss of self confidence which holds you back
  • Stress is leading to a lack of sleep which then impacts the business

Let me give you an analogy which might help explain. Let’s say a client has come to me because they want to lose weight. I could simply give them specific instructions:

  • Eat fewer calories
  • Burn more calories

Weight loss is actually very simple and yet so many people struggle with it because of the way they view the problem in their mind. The key to losing weight is to first change our mindset, then the actual practical side is actually quite easy.

Another example of the mindset not being right is yo-yo entrepreneurs. You see so many people make a real success, and lots of money and then lose it all. They then bounced back and do the same thing again. The cycle repeats itself until they sort their mindset out and stop self sabotaging their success.

Solving your problems is actually very simple:

  • Stop doing those habits that interfere
  • Make a plan and get direction
  • Tell yourself you are worthy
  • Put in the systems you need in the business to make it work (There are many courses to go on to do this)
  • Stop working in the business so much
  • Be happy and not stressed

And yet, even though solving those problems is actually quite easy, it doesn’t get done… Why is this?

People go on course after course with consultant after consultant, being told to do so many different things but, as a coach I believe they’re looking in the wrong place.

These people are looking outside of themselves, they taken years to acquire all of the skills and yet they just can’t seem to implement them.

When we look inside ourselves we can remove those habits, remove that self sabotaging and begin to actually implement all of the skills we’ve implemented… THIS is coaching and this is why it is so powerful



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