Parts Integration

“Part of me believes I deserve success, and part of me doesn’t”

“Part of me wants security and part of me wants freedom

“Part of me trusts my decisions and part of me doesn’t”

These are all what we call PARTS and they are common in everyone!

‘Parts’ are values and beliefs in your life that are there for a positive intention, but seem to get a little confused along the way. This confusion then causes all sorts of weird things to happen – consider this…

Part of you wants freedom so you go about as a single person for a while, then the  part of you that wants security decides it’s time to settle down for a bit. The the part of you that wants freedom rears it’s head again and you split up….


Part of you believes you deserve success, so you get it and things are all pretty good for a bit. Then the negative thought pops back into your head and things start to go a bit wrong…

And round and round you go… sounding familiar?

There is an amazing technique in NLP called a Parts Integration that helps to resolve those conflicts between those parts by looking for the highest positive intention. You will always find that even seemingly diametrically opposites like ‘Freedom’ and ‘Security’ have the same highest positive intention – it could be that ultimately you want freedom so that you feel ‘at peace’ this would also be the same highest positive intention for security.

The key with a parts integration is to work upwards logically with each part until you reach the highest positive intention of each part by asking the question “For What Purpose”.

As the example above shows (an know that this is only an example and for sure it will not be the same for you!) working up from each conflicting part shows the client that they indeed have the same intention. We can then work with the client to integrate those parts to work in unison from then on!

NLP Parts Integration

The process to work through this is not something that can be written down as it is an experiential process – even if I did write it down you wouldn’t be able to work with it as it needs lots of training and care to ensure it’s done right.

Parts Integrations are part of a break through session as they are one of the ways that we align a person to their goals.  A break though session deals with aligning a person to their goals by resolving:

  1. Negative Emotions
  2. Limiting Beliefs
  3. Parts Conflicts

Negative emotions and Limiting Beliefs are dealt with using Time Line Therapy and Parts are dealt with by using a Parts Integration technique in NLP.