Help with Phobias

OK, so you have a phobia of some form?

And you’d like to cure it or remove it?

And do you realise that this phobia is actually pretty irrational?

Phobia come in many forms and can hold us back in life and in work, consider these common phobias and fears.

  1. Flying
  2. Public Speaking
  3. Spiders
  4. Heights
  5. Open Spaces
  6. Social Gatherings
So phobias can play a big part in holding you back in your business and personal life, so it’ll serve you well to get rid of it!

The thing with phobias is to accept this one simple ‘truism’ a phobia is a learnt behaviour, so if it can be learnt, then it can be unlearnt. Easy for me to say I know, but phobias are a made up of a series of actions one takes which works one up in to a frenzy – the result of these actions is that ones works one’s self up to make the genuine fear in to an  irrational or illogical phobia.

This is an important distinction to make, a natural fear is not a bad emotion, it can protect us and keep us from harm… but when this fear becomes irrational it’s then that it becomes a phobia and takes over our life.

The key to removing a phobia comes in 2 stages.

  1. To break down the behaviour in to small enough steps that you can clearly see the irrationality – and to then allow you to see the funny side to that irrationality
  2. To disrupt the thought process of the phobia in such a way that you find it impossible to access the process

We use NLP to break down the process of ‘doing’ the phobia in a gentle way using a process called ‘Logical Levels of Therapy’ we then use a technique called a ‘Fast Phobia Cure’ to remove the phobia all together.

Many people may find it difficult to deal with phobias, so we do most of the work with a phobia ‘dissociated’ this means you are viewing yourself as though on a movie screen at the cinema – this allows you to see yourself and your actions with little emotional attachment.

If this is still too painful we can allow you to view yourself sitting in the cinema, watching yourself on the screen (double dissociated) or even as the projectionist watching you watching yourself on the movie screen.

This technique allows you to remain in control which is very valuable when dealing with these fears and phobias.

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