The Performance Academy

Do you:

Work in the health or wellness sector? Perhaps a doctor, dentist, nurse, chiropractor, physiotherapist, aromatherapist, reflexologist or anyone else working in health and wellness.
Want to grow your business?
Want to improve communication with your clients/patients?
Want to improve your own performance?
Want to achieve more?

Why choose The Performance Academy?

Process Driven

The Academy follows a process that is driven by adopting an attitude of curiosity which leads to a methodology to success resulting in a trail of techniques which you can use in a systematic way to improve performance, success and communication.

Results Focused

I’m not into the latest fad or craze. I’m not here to pay lip service to the latest fashion.

I’m here to ensure you get results that are actionable, exact change in your business and make a significant difference.



I’ll be honest, you are not going to be let off the hook. You are going to be challenged, pushed and asked to think in ways you have never thought before. If you continue doing what you’ve always done, you will always have what you’ve always had. Now is the time to think differently!

…having a successful business is down to a combination of 3 skills:

  • Technical
  • Business
  • Mind

Even though there are lots of courses to improve technical/clinical skills, very often, the most clinically skilled practitioners* are not the ones that have the greatest business success!

Even though there are lots of courses to improve business skills, very often practitioners which have excellent business skills* still don’t perform well.

3 elements of success

This program is designed to augment your business and technical skills with a range of mind skills

Join the success, performance and communication Academy

For an affordable monthly subscription you will enjoy a series of interactive courses and webinars ( all permanently stored in your course library to be watched at any time ) designed to lead you on a journey to business success.

All courses are:

  • Suitable for verified Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
  • Certificated, upon completion of each course you will receive a CPD certificate detailing the learning outcomes, objectives and how many hours of CPD you have obtained.
  • Minimum 4 hours in length, delivered in your own time at your own pace.
  • Delivered in bite sized chunks with a maximum of 10 minutes in any chunk, this makes them convenient and easy to digest in modern life.
  • Accompanied by a monthly live webinar with your performance coach, Mark; each month we look at a different topic of performance or communication with facilities to ask Mark questions and get direct feedback. These webinars will remain permanently in your course library for future reference, even if you didn’t attend live.
  • Modular – each module contains a series of videos, documents and questions and answer tests.
  • Flexible – move between modules freely and easily to study at a time suitable for you.
  • Stored in your Personal Development Plan (PDP). Within the academy platform you can store your own plan, see what courses you have already taken and revisit them if necessary, plan future courses and learning plus print certificates already obtained.

Our most popular courses

The core principles of success are fundamentally about understanding how each of us communicate and construct the world around us.

Creating a Definite Chief Aim, understanding how to solve problems and knowing what prevents clients taking action are key factors improving performance.

Understanding the language patterns we use and how we confuse clients and co-workers unintentionally. Plus, Increasing performance using spiral dynamics.

What will happen when you join the Academy?

When you join the Academy , follow my instructions and implement the techniques, skills and ideas given to you, you will…

  1. Be happier in life
  2. Be happier at work so that you REALLY enjoy going
  3. Make more money, if you want to
  4. Have more holiday, if you want to
  5. Enjoy happier relationships, if you want to
  6. Make even more money, yep it really flows when you want it to!

*High quality technical and business skills are integral to total business success. This academy should not be taken in isolation and genuine business performance increases will only likely be seen when accompanied with quality technical and business skills.