The Performance Academy

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Do you work as a health and wellness professional? Perhaps a Dentist, Doctor, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Osteopath, Reflexologist or Aromatherapist?

  • Do you want to improve your practice performance?
  • Do you want to increase your personal success?
  • Do you want to help your clients or patients achieve health and wellness?

As a scientific person and speaking to you as an expert in the field you will know that business success comes from a mix of process driven systems, detailed planning, focus, a desire to do the best and above all, the right mindset.

And that’s exactly what The Performance Academy is focused on, helping you, the skillful practitioner put all of your knowledge and experience to the best use for the benefit of yourself, your business, your team and ultimately your patients.

What is The Performance Academy?

The Performance Academy is a series of online courses, interviews, pod casts and webinars – all certified for verifiable CPD (certificate is automatically issued after completion of each course) which is stored in your Personal Development Plan.

The Performance Academy uses NLP and MBA fundamentals and is dedicated to providing Health and Wellness Professionals with a range of skills to manage mindset and communication with patients, team members and indeed, yourself.

What is NLP good for?

The academy will help with:

  1. procrastination
  2. Creating and maintaining good work/life balance
  3. finding it difficult to reach success in the first place
  4. discovering and understanding your own values
  5. Self awareness and knowing what you really want
  6. bouncing backwards and forwards between success and failure
  7. continuously feeling like a failure
  8. communicating elegantly with patients so that they follow treatment plans and stay healthy
  9. communicating with your team so that they remain fully on board with the vision of the business
  10. overcoming anxiety
  11. managing and controlling your internal state, particularly unwanted states like anger and guilt
  12. being able to access positive states at any time, like happiness
  13. being able to take action immediately
  14. remaining continuously flexible to deal with problems as they arrive
  15. understanding ambiguity in language and how to communicate clearly 
  16. how to set mind blowingly effective goals for your business and life , and then achieve them
  17. controlling your unconscious mind (that nagging voice inside your head)
  18. marketing and sales by understanding the psychological process (decision-making strategies)
  19. being able to learn quicker and retain knowledge more effectively (learning strategies)

Indeed, the Academy covers everything you need to know about managing your mindset on a journey to success

It is based on an NLP Academy and the fundamentals of Neuro Linguistic Programming (Mark is a Master Practitioner), skills acquired during Mark’s MBA and on the lessons learnt running multiple successful businesses. Mark spent 30 years working as a healthcare professional in dentistry so understands the healthcare profession intimately.

The NLP Academy is here to inform, support and be with you continuously on your journey.

Why choose The Performance Academy?

Process Driven

The Academy follows a process that is driven by adopting an attitude of curiosity which leads to a methodology to success resulting in a trail of techniques which you can use in a systematic way to improve performance, success and communication.

Results Focused

I’m not into the latest fad or craze. I’m not here to pay lip service to the latest fashion.

I’m here to ensure you get results that are actionable, exact change in your business and make a significant difference.



I’ll be honest, you are not going to be let off the hook. You are going to be challenged, pushed and asked to think in ways you have never thought before. If you continue doing what you’ve always done, you will always have what you’ve always had. Now is the time to think differently!

…having a successful business is down to a combination of 3 skills, the 3 pillars of success:

  • Technical skills
  • Business skills
  • Mind set

All 3 are critical for success, yet technically great people often strive to increase their technical skills and neglect the other skills which make up the pillars of success.

The truly successful business person will enhance their learning and skills in all 3 areas. 

pillars of success

This program is therefore designed to augment your business and technical skills with a range of mind set skills

Join the success, performance and communication Academy

For an affordable monthly subscription you will enjoy a series of interactive courses and webinars ( all permanently stored in your course library to be watched at any time ) designed to lead you on a journey to business success.

All courses are:

  • Suitable for verified Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
  • Certificated, upon completion of each course you will receive a CPD certificate detailing the learning outcomes, objectives and how many hours of CPD you have obtained.
  • Minimum 2 hours in length, delivered in your own time at your own pace.
  • Delivered in bite sized chunks of around 10 minutes in any chunk, this makes modules convenient and easy to digest in modern life.
  • Accompanied by a monthly live webinar with your performance coach, Mark; each month we look at a different topic of performance or communication with facilities to ask Mark questions and get direct feedback. These webinars will remain permanently in your course library for future reference, even if you didn’t attend live.
  • Modular – each module contains a series of videos, documents and questions and answer tests.
  • Flexible – move between modules freely and easily to study at a time suitable for you.
  • Learn at your own pace – no requirement to take courses at specified times.
  • Stored in your Personal Development Plan (PDP). Within the academy platform you can store your own plan, see what courses you have already taken and revisit them if necessary, plan future courses and learning plus print certificates already obtained.

Our most popular courses

7 Steps to Awaken & Invigorate Your Success Mindset

The 7 Steps to Awaken & Invigorate Your Success Mindset

The 7 Steps to Awaken & Invigorate Your Success Mindset is your first step to enlightenment and realisation of the many things the world’s most successful people do about which you have no knowledge, they are your unknown unknowns.

6 Strategies to Start Living Your Full Potential

6 strategies to start living your full potential, understanding how other people think, leading you to become a skilled communicator which results in patients and clients taking action on your recommendations in terms of following your advice and taking up treatment.

The 8 Step Roadmap to Boost Success

Now that you’ve got the basic principles down to an absolute T, it’s time to supercharge things by following this 8 Step Roadmap to Success.

The guide to turbocharging the success of your practice

The game changing guide to turbocharging the success of your practice
How would it be if I could show you, in one hour, how to change your life & career forever? To increase the performance of yourself, your business and your team? To be able to see the way to achieve what you want?

In Conversation with Grant McAree - how successful people think.

Dr Grant McAree
In this edition of “In conversation with…” I’m privileged to chat with Dr Grant McAree, a highly successful dentist and entrepreneur about his mindset and how he views success

Working with Challenging Clients - a practical guide. [Guest Instructor]

Working with people often means we find the diversity of clients interesting and motivating, but what happens when you have a client who is plain hard work – and is making the task in hand extra difficult?

What will happen when you join the Academy?

When you join the Academy , follow my instructions and implement the techniques, skills and ideas given to you, you will…

  1. Be happier in life
  2. Be happier at work so that you REALLY enjoy going
  3. Make more money, if you want to
  4. Have more holiday, if you want to
  5. Enjoy happier relationships, if you want to
  6. Make even more money, yep it really flows when you want it to!

*High quality technical and business skills are integral to total business success. This academy should not be taken in isolation and genuine business performance increases will only likely be seen when accompanied with quality technical and business skills.