Business & Life Coaching

The 3 major reasons people want coaching are:

  1. Under Performance
  2. Enhanced Performance
  3. Securing Future Performance
This is perfect as this is exactly the type of coaching available from me.

How is Mark’s coaching delivered?

Everything I do is split in to 5 very distinct areas:

  1. The Task. Before working together, no matter if this is for business, weight loss , therapy or coaching you will be required to write a life story. This will start the process of identifying themes in your life and will begin the entire process.
  2. The Analysis. This is where Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is used to uncover the ‘root cause’ of any problem you have
  3. The Resolution.  Time Line Therapy ™ is then used to resolve the issues and align your thinking to achieve what you want, we’ll install new (and more helpful) habits e.g. no more snacking, no more over spending etc
  4. The Relaxation. Being able to relax and enjoy life is key to being successful, this is where relaxing hypnosis will help ‘cement in’ the changes you have made and ensure that you stick to the great results and new habits as time goes on.
  5. Ongoing Support. This is crucial. Never will you be left alone, after any of my coaching programs there is a 6 weeks follow up period. It has been shown that it takes at least 21 days to create a new habit that lasts – I’ll be with you for this whole time and we’ll speak/meet weekly to ensure you are sticking to the agreed plan

I’m not one of those coaches that is going to allow you to wallow in your own self pity – I focus on change and the future and what you can do going forwards. The coaching program takes the 5 areas above and splits them in to 6 sessions which are 2 hours each typically spread at 2 week intervals:

Session 1

  1. Detailed personal history
  2. Explanation of what will happen over whole series
  3. Discovery of your key internal drivers and what makes you tick

Session 2

  1. Time Line Therapy™ Introduction
  2. Keys to Achievable Outcome
  3. Task – Write your goals for Health & Fitness, Family, Relationships and Business

Session 3

  1. Discovering your values
  2. Analysing your values
  3. Evaluating values conflicts
  4. How to access motivation when required (anchoring)
  5. Task – Write down which values you’d like to move/change and why

 Session 4

  1. Review goals
  2. Time Line Therapy™ for negative emotions
  3. Time Line Therapy™ for Limiting Decisions
  4. Integration of conflicting beliefs e.g. on the one hand I believe I am a success and on the other hand I believe I am a failure
  5. Integration of conflicting values e.g Freedom and Security
  6. Overcoming procrastination (chaining anchors technique)
  7. Task

Session 5

  1. Review goals
  2. Placement of goal in Time Line
  3. How to see ‘out of the box’ with Perceptual Positions
  4. Overcoming anxiety instantly
  5. Time Line Therapy™ on any new presenting issues
  6. Task

Session 6

  1. Time Line Therapy™ on ‘towards and away from’ problems
  2. Alignment of values
  3. Inventory analysis
  4. Other specific interventions for presenting problems, decisions etc

NLP CoachingA combination of NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis will be used throughout the 6 sessions to ensure we push the boundaries of your problem and cement in the changes you make.

So imagine being rid of negative emotions and limiting beliefs you have about yourself. If you truly believed in your self what could you now achieve? When you are free of the things that hold you back, true and meaningful success comes easily.

So pick up the phone today and let’s have a free chat, no pressure, no sales talk – just a simple chat to see how we can work together to ensure you achieve what you want in life and business. Either complete the free consultation from opposite, or call me on 0845 259 1232