If your dreams don’t scare you…

If you're dreams don't scare you...

There are lots of these motivational images going around on Facebook at the moment, and here is another one that I feel has more potential for harm. As with many of the other motivational phrases the intention is good – we all need to be pushed sometimes… but since when is fear good?

Why do you need to be scared of your dreams?

Can dreams be big enough without being scared?

If dreams are small are they any less scary?

People seem to accept these little images without question, but my challenge to you is that FEAR is NOT an emotion that we need. EVER.

We do not need fear in our lives, remove it (with Time Line Therapy™) and ensure it stays gone. I want to live my life without fear and have my dreams to be really compelling and lovely so that I want to achieve them… don’t you? If you set a dream to be scary… why would you ever want to achieve it?

So, please do think carefully before clicking the ‘like’ button next to these images on Facebook… do you really ‘like’ the idea of scary dreams?



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