The Struggles Will Make You Stronger – Will They?

You don't need struggles to be strong!

I’ve just seen this on Facebook on one of those motivational images:

“The Struggle’s  Make You Stronger…”

This implies that you need struggles to make you strong and that when you have struggles they are good because they make you stronger. This is a flawed argument to me and one runs the risk of installing a limiting belief if one adopts this as true.

The risk is that the limiting belief of ‘I need to have struggles to make me strong‘ is then installed at the unconscious level – if this happens your unconscious mind will look for struggles for you as you believe it will make you stronger, then guess what happens… all  you get is struggling!

Struggles can make you stronger, but be mindful to think now of the positive aspects of your life.

  • The good times make you even stronger.
  • The happy days are the best days

This is a positive reframe of that same message.

So, be careful of what limiting beliefs you install in yourself unknowingly, your unconscious mind is VERY powerful and will ensure you get what you focus on… so do you really want to focus on struggles?



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