The Power of the Unconscious Mind

How powerful is your unconscious mind? Very I’d say, it looks after you while you sleep, keeping you breathing, your heart beating, your internal organs working – in fact your unconscious mind has your best interest at heart and will take every effort to look after you and your body. Cool isn’t it.

Well, have you thought about what might happen if you gave your unconscious mind some suggestions about what you’d like to do?

Think about it, if your unconscious mind wants to look after you, and you tell it what you desire then isn’t it possible that it could manipulate the way you see things in order to help you get what you want?

hhmm. Interesting – here’s a story about what happened to me recently.

I attended a course on Tuesday where we were learning more about getting  in touch with our unconscious mind, we were tasked with thinking of something we wanted to do at a specific time in the future (I chose to invite a specific old friend out for a drink that I haven’t seen for 6 months, I chose to do this the next day at 8pm). We then worked in pairs and used a few techniques to suggest to our unconscious mind that we would carry out that task.

I must admit to having the memory of a gnat, so as soon as that task was over, I forgot about it altogether. I then completed the remainder of the course for Tuesday and Wednesday.

So, after a course for 4 days, my head is brimming over with information and I can’t even remember my name – you know how it is on courses!

Thursday evening comes. Normally I stay at home and cook dinner while my wife takes my son to his scoober diving lessons, but for some reason this day I decide to go with my wife to keep her company – I HAVE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE.

On the way we pass a pub, Mrs O says to me ‘Oh, Look they’ve done up that pub’ and BAM the instruction that was embedded 2 days prior to call my friend FLASHES in to my mind. And the time? 8pm

It could have been total co-incidence, but consider this. My unconscious mind wanted me to call my friend, so it engineered a situation (me going in the car on a specific route at a convenient time) whereby I would pass the very pub that I used to drink at with this old friend. My unconscious mind deliberately guided me to make decisions (like not cooking dinner and going in the car) as it knew we’d drive pass the pub and I simply allowed me to make that phone call.

So now the question is this, if our minds can do something as simple as engineering a situation so that I phone a friend, what will it engineer for me to do if I tell it I want to reach a big life goal or business goal?

Who knows… but I tell you this… I’m gonna do all I can to find out! Are you?




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