What do you believe about yourself that’s holding you back?

I watched part of a fascinating program last night about the British Empire and it’s hold upon India. Jeremy Paxman was presenting the program and commented that there were a mere 6,000 people governing over 200,000,000 people – an interesting comment was that at the time an official of the British Empire said that:

“If all the people that we rule in India picked up but one single handful of sand and threw it at us, we would surely be totally buried”

Such was the possible collective strength of the Empire’s subjects.

So how did such a potentially weak nation such as Great Britain manage to dominate such a large nation?

The British pretended they were great. They acted great and so the people believed they were great.

It was all an act really!

Now, the question is what could you achieve if you acted great? If you removed those limiting beliefs that many of us hold:

  • I can’t do it
  • It’s destined to fail
  • I’m not good enough
  • I don’t deserve success

These are all limiting beliefs that many people hold true about themselves, and yet there is no need – truly there isn’t

There are 4 steps to overcoming this:


Identify what your negative belief is that is holding you back and you no longer wish to have.


Identify a belief that you had but is no longer true.

Is there something that you used to believe was true? Perhaps you use to believe you were a smoker, but now you don’t? Or… when you were 16 did you believe that you were a teenager? Do you still believe that? Good, so you DO have things that you used to believe were true, but don’t any more.


Cool, now is there something that you KNOW will happen? Perhaps the sun coming up tomorrow, you know this will happen don’t you.


Identify what you DO want to believe instead

Now, using NLP it’s possible to do the following:

  1. Have your mind view your negative belief from step 1 EXACTLY the same way that you view the belief you once had but is no longer true in Step 2. In other words we remove the way you see and feel about the limiting belief and replace it with the way you see and feel about the belief you had that is no longer true
  2. We take what you DO want to believe and help your mind see it and feel it the same way it knows that the sun is going to come up tomorrow
We remove the old belief that’s holding you back, and install a new one that empowers you to move forwards.
The actual process isn’t described here, you’ll need to see an NLP Practitioner to guide you through this, but what a simple and elegant way to remove limiting beliefs…



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