Weight Loss, Business, Personal Development – What’s the Connection?

What’s the connection between these 3 things?

This is often a difficult thing for people to grasp and leads to the question “How can NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy™  help with so many things?” – this truly is a great question as it seems that many people make wild claims that NLP etc are the panacea to all ills.

Well, I’m not going to make any such claims here, but what I am going to do is explain how NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy™ can be so applicable in so many ways and applications and also so very, VERY effective.

Let me introduce my Hierarchy of Problems

The hierarchy of problems

Take a look at the list of presenting problems at the bottom… yep weight is in there next to all the others (of course this is an example), this is common in many people’s lives – people will have a whole range of presenting problems that are seemingly not linked . These are often started by the next level up ‘Limiting Decisions’.

Limiting decisions are decisions that you have made sometime in your life to have a limiting belief about yourself. Now this is key, so pay attention. You Made That Decision.

You were not born believing you were a failure, or not worth it, or not deserving… so at some point in your life your unconscious took that decision and you opted to do the relevant behaviour. Accepting this can be tough, I know I’ve been through it, but taking responsibility for the decisions you’ve made is important in the process of letting them go.

Letting go of your limiting decisions

These limiting decisions can result in a variety of problems, so taking them out it a great way to fix lots of problems in life as everything underneath falls apart once the decision is removed, however…

Above those limiting decisions are often deep rooted Negative Emotions, so as you can see, if these are taken away a whole load of problems are likely to disappear.

It makes sense to accept that the best way to solve the most problems is to go back to the root cause and deal with that.. then BOOM everything else negative goes too!

I’ve seen it and experienced it, a client comes in feeling like a failure at work – this is dealt with and they loose weight and start exercising…. now you know why!

The links are now clear

This is of course an example, but you can see the power of removing those limiting decisions and negative emotions to destroy a whole load of presenting problems – this is the power of a Master NLP Coach that is also a Master of Time Line Therapy™, we are able to work at this deep level and get to the bottom of so many problems in life, business and weight loss… you see, they are all connected!

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