You Get What You Focus on

Do you know people who never seem to quite reach the success they want?

Perhaps you know of others that make money, then lose money, then make more then lose it all again? click here to see the best way of making money online.

Or what about people that don’t have great business because they fear the failure so much?

The problem in life and business is that we get what we focus on. Our unconscious minds find it supremely difficult to process negatives… don’t think of purple trees… see what I mean!

The result of this, and indeed the practical application is that people often think they are focusing on success, or wealth or good relationships… but in fact they are actually focusing on not being poor, or not being a failure or not being in a bad relationship.

If the focus is on what you do NOT want to be then that is where the motivation is, right at that end of the spectrum, then as you walk through life backwards towards the goal, all the while focusing on what you don’t want and moving away from it, there comes a point where you are so far away from the motivation that you bounce right back again to poverty, or failure… right back to the motivation so you can be motivated NOT to be poor all over again… starting to see a pattern in your life now huh?

 So do you feel like you are walking through life backwards, focusing on moving away from what you don’t want as fast as possible?

Often this is down to a limiting decision, perhaps you decided at some point that failure was not for you, or perhaps you decided that everything in life was unfair and doomed to failure. These are rarely conscious decisions, but they are decisions none the less, that are often made very early in life – typically under 7 years old so getting to the root cause of the problem is the only way that it will be sorted and resolved.

In NLP we would use 3 basic tools to get to the issue:

  • Understanding which areas in your life you are moving away from – this is done using a ‘Values Analysis’
  • Getting to the Root Cause of the problem – this is done using a technique called ‘Root Cause’
  • Resolving either the emotion or limiting decision with Time Line Therapy™
So it’s better today when you stop, and think, then ask yourself what you are focusing on and decide now to focus on what you do want, we all know it works as we go forwards in life… don’t we?




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