“I’m Just a ….” Do you Say this?

“I just a housewife”, ” I’m just a nurse”, ” I’m just a builder”, ” I’m just….”

Do you say this kind of thing? Do you know others that say it?

What I would say to you is that surely you are more than this? How much more than just a housewife, nurse, builder or anything else are you? Is that all you are?

limiting labels and beliefsMany of us have habits of giving ourselves, and indeed others, labels. And often these labels are rather restrictive, using the word ‘just’ is an example of one of these restrictive labels. There is not one person in the world who is just a housewife, nurse, builder or anything else. Every single person in the world is so much more than that and so are you!

So here is my challenge to you today. Listen out for the word ‘just’ in your language, then question yourself and ask if that is all you really are? And if you hear someone else say I am just XYZ then challenge them, and ask them if that is all they really are?

This is a really simple NLP technique which can make a huge change in people’s lives if they understand that they give themselves labels which hold them back.

So watch your language, speak with precision and be aware of limiting labels everyday.


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