How to make money, money, money

Before I was coached I thought I had the perfect business, I started with working out my values, from there I created my mission which led into creating the strategy and tactics for the business.

Yes, this is what the gurus tell you to do. I did it.

But I missed one of the biggest questions – are my values conducive to running a business and making money?

Bugger… I never thought of that!

Before I started coaching my values were:

  • Fun
  • Challenging
  • Excitement

Money was nowhere to be found.

My business was a little bit pants.

How can we have a successful business if money isn’t part of the values?

So, with my coach I changed my values around. I added in money at my number 3 value, and guess what’s happened since?

To work with me as your coach, illicit your values and work out if your values are conducive to doing what you want, book your free discovery call.



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