6 Strategies to Start Living Your Full Potential – Understanding the basics – Part 2

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It’s true isn’t it, that there are healthy ways of thinking and unhealthy ways of thinking… Ways of viewing things that are beneficial to us and help us, and ways of viewing those same things which restrict and confine us?

We all experience roughly the same problems in life… Relationships, money, success, other people amongst many other things… The thing that sets successful people apart if the way they view those same problems.

One of the most basic concepts is communication management and having an understanding of how other people think. When we understand how they think we can understand the intention behind that communication – and when we understand the intention behind their communication we become a skilled communicator which then helps our patients and clients take action on our recommendations, both in terms of following our advice and taking up treatment.

Some people call this SALES, I call it being a skilled communicator!

We’re going to be spending a lot of time looking at this on this course!

Understanding these more advanced basic principles will give you a new perspective on how your mind works and how easily it can be to make long and lasting changes in both your personal and professional lives. Course is a continuation of the free course part 1 and includes:

  • How do you relate to the world? Are we a visual, auditory, kinaesthetic or practical thinker? Take the ‘preference test’ to find out.
  • How can you use this information to communicate better with people that think differently?
  • How you can use your new communication skills to provide better treatment plans and help motivate patients/clients to take action for improved health and wellness.
  • What strategies do people use when they make a purchase, or decide to do something? And how can we utilise these strategies to improve performance of our businesses and to help our clients or patients?

This course takes a much deeper look and builds on the basics of part 1. We are now beginning to understand how our mind works and how we perceive the world around us, this gives us the ability to modify our thought processes in order to better communicate and drive our businesses forwards with a successful mindset.

The course gives you Powerful tools to use such as the presuppositions, these are advantageous belief sets which, when adopted allow you to be more flexible in your approach to both success and communication. We then begin to layer in an understanding of representational systems, these allow us to understand how other people perceive the world around them and therefore help us with communication, particularly presenting treatment plans. You will be provided with a detailed assessment to understand whether you relate to the world in a visual, auditory, kinaesthetic or auditory digital (we will explain what this means) way.

We then couple this with an understanding of strategies. We all use strategies in everything we do from buying to falling in love. When we understand how someone else becomes convinced (called the convince a strategy) we can understand how to present treatments/services to them in the way that is right for them.

You will be taken on a journey into a deep understanding of how we construct success and communication and leave the course armed with a toolkit for success.

Learning resources included

15 videos


  • All 9 representational systems, how you can use them and how to be a more effective communicator.
  • Convincer strategies. How to understand what makes someone convinced about your services.
  • Learning strategies. How to be the best learner.
  • Understanding representational systems, are you visual, auditory, kinaesthetic or auditory digital?
2 Practical Exercises
  1. Presuppositions activity test.
  2. Representational systems test, which representational system are you? Find out in this test.
CPD certificate
3 hours 38 mins vCPD certificate

CPD Certificate issued after completion of all modules.

What is included in a full subscription?

Academy members will have access to live webinars monthly with Mark. Webinars are on a range of topics all dedicated to increasing success, performance and communicating with patients/clients..

Past webinars will also be accessible at any time. Requires an active paid for subscription.

Who is this course suitable for?

Any person working in the health and wellness sectors including, but not exclusively for:

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Dental nurses
  • Dental hygienist and therapists
  • Dental technicians
  • Chiropractors
  • Podiatrists
  • Osteopaths
  • Physiotherapists
  • Reflexologists
  • Aromatherapists
  • Yoga teachers
  • Plus anyone else working in health or wellness…