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The CPD certified courses in the Performance Academy are particularly suitable for doctors & dentists wanting to improve success in their business. Having worked in dentistry all of his life, Mark understands the issues facing the healthcare profession.

The business coaching courses are also relevant to chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths or any other health care professional working in a clinical environment.


The program is designed to augment your business and clinical/technical skills with a range of mind skills. (we need all 3 skill sets to have a successful business)


PART 1: The core principles of success are fundamentally about understanding how each of us communicate and construct the world around us.

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PART 2: Improving communication for better treatment plans and patient/client motivation. Understanding purchase and decision-making strategies to improve communication to patients and marketing.

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Understanding the language patterns we use and how we confuse clients and co-workers unintentionally. Plus, Increasing performance using spiral dynamics.

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Understanding the psychology and physiology of excellence & improving motivational strategies. 12 steps to creating a goal and understanding how to achieve that goal. Problem-solving skills.

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Creating a Definite Chief Aim, understanding how to solve problems and knowing what prevents clients taking action are key factors improving performance.