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These CPD certified courses are particularly suitable for doctors, dentists, chiropractors, indeed anyone working in health and wellness wanting to improve success in their business. Having worked in dentistry all my life I understand the issues facing the healthcare profession. I’ve also used the techniques and skills in these courses to double, YES double my turnover 4 years in a row in my first few years of my marketing company. 

I went from working full time, 5 days per week with 5 weeks holiday per year to now working 3.5 days per week with 12 holidays per year and I’ve tripled my income at the same time.

In these courses I reveal the skills, techniques, thinking patterns and concepts I used.

Mark Oborn MBA

The 7 Steps to Awaken & Invigorate Your Success Mindset is your first step to enlightenment and realisation of the many things the world’s most successful people do about which you have no knowledge, they are your unknown unknowns.
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6 strategies to start living your full potential, understanding how other people think, leading you to become a skilled communicator which results in patients and clients taking action on your recommendations in terms of following your advice and taking up treatment.
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Now you’ve got the fundamentals out of the way, it’s time to truly skyrocket your success by implementing these 8 success strategies. 

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Interview series with Successful People  – Jane Lelean.  Uncovering the secrets to success. Listen out for how Jane makes decisions, I wonder what we could learn from this?

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Interview series with Successful People  – Nicki Rowland.  Uncovering the secrets to success. Nicki’s internal reference check for congruence is fascinating, how could you use this?

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Understanding values can really help us get a grip on our personal and business life. Particularly if we have values conflicts or values pulling in the wrong direction.
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The game changing guide to turbocharging the success of your practice

The game changing guide to turbocharging the success of your practice

How would it be if I could show you, in one hour, how to change your life & career forever?

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The Baader Meinhoff Phenomenon [PODCAST]

The Baader Meinhoff Phenomenon, otherwise known as the ‘Frequency Illusion’ is caused by our brain’s ability to recognise patterns. Have you ever bought a car and then noticed how many other cars there are on the road with the same make, model and colour as yours?

That’s the frequency illusion in action.

In this bonus course, we delve into the phenomenon, ask why it happens and then look at how we can use it to achieve success and improve performance,

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Values Level Thinking - accept or reject? [PODCAST]

The work of the psychology Professor, Clare Graves in the years between 1952 and 1959 gives us a deep understanding of human nature and our psychological maturity.

His theory runs alongside Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and gives a deeper level of understanding as to how individuals and organisations think and therefore solve problems in the world in which they live.

In this podcast, I look at the definition of values, and how they develop, I finish with a challenge – which values level are you accepting? And more importantly which values level are you rejecting?

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Internal Dialogue. What and how can we use it? [PODCAST]

We all have that internal dialogue/chatter in our heads, don’t we? And if you said “no” to that question, well, that’s the chatter, the voice that said no!

So how can we be kinder to ourselves with this internal dialogue? How can we use it in a positive way?

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2 Presuppositions to Make Communication Easier [PODCAST]

NLP utilises the concept known as presuppositions, these are beliefs which, if adopted, can help improve our own mind set and enhance our communication skills.

In this bonus courseI take a look at 2 of these presuppositions which I recorded nearly 10 years ago… Things haven’t changed, they are still totally relevant today.

The first presupposition is called “There is no try” the second is called “All perception is projection“.

How much will you learn about yourself and communication after you have listened?

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How is it possible? Communication Skills. [PODCAST]

When we are communicating, particularly if that communication is challenging, asking the question “How is it possible for this person to believe that?” begins to give us an insight into their world, when we do that, they feel ‘seen’ and it helps us either understand their viewpoint with greater clarity or explain our viewpoint in a way that makes sense to them.

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[COMING SOON] Understanding customer intent, how to format a website, social proof, cognitive biases, buying strategies and thought processes that your customers and competitors will go through.

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[COMING SOON] Understanding the psychology and physiology of excellence & improving motivational strategies. 12 steps to creating a goal and understanding how to achieve that goal. Problem-solving skills.

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[COMING SOON] Understanding the language patterns we use and how we confuse clients and co-workers unintentionally.