Everyone’s in SALES, Aren’t They?

Yeh sure, everyone is in sales. Whether it is selling their business, their products or themselves everyone is in sales, aren’t they?

Well actually no.

SALES is about you, it’s about you making a sale, it’s about you selling something, it’s about you developing your business, it’s about you making more commission… It’s all about you.

Every sales technique I have ever seen is all about the salesman using techniques to build rapport, sell the features and benefits, overcome objections and close that goddam sale. Well why not begin to think of it from a different point of view, rather than selling why don’t you help people buy?

We all enjoy buying right, we all enjoy going to the shops and spending money on things that we want… Unlike the ‘hard sell’ which we hate, we enjoy the ‘hard buy’! And we all know that you want to be more than just the person that sells – don’t you. So let’s think about buying…

Buying is fun, buying is enjoyable so just forget about selling.

If you step out of your frame of reference for just one moment and consider the other person, if you consider the world from their point of view, what they want & what motivates them you enter a whole new world of ‘assisted buying’.

Try this perceptual positions exercise.

  1. Imagine yourself selling whatever it is that you sell, imagine yourself standing in front of the other person and looking through your own eyes at that person. As you go through your spiel notice what the other person is doing and looking like.
  2. Now switch, become the other person looking through their own eyes, looking at you. Now what do you see? What do you notice in the person that is doing the selling? Are they congruent, in fact are you enjoying it as the person being sold to?
  3. Now step out of the other person and become a third person. Become a third person and see yourself and the person you are selling to standing opposite each other, notice what each of you are doing, notice when the person selling (you) says something, what is the reaction of the other person. Notice the facial expressions, notice the change in breathing as you try to sell something, and get ready for it… Notice the reaction of the other person as you go for the close!

Did you notice anything new?

Did you notice how uncomfortable the other person was when you got to the close?

If you step out of yourself for one moment and into the mind of the other person, you can see that the person you are selling to often knows that you are selling. They know you are not being genuine and they know you are using techniques. We truly enter into the mind of the other person when you understand exactly what it is that they want, the classic NLP question is “For what purpose…”

For what purpose would they want to buy this from you?

What would this get for them?

What would this enabled them to do?

NLP is content free, we are not bothered about what ‘it’ is, we just want to know what ‘it’ would get you, for what purpose and what would it enable you to do. It’s the same with sales, forget about what ‘it’ is and focus on what it can do for the other person.

Here are some examples:

  • People don’t want the new telephone, they want to be able to communicate better with their friends. So help them do that.
  • People don’t want a dental implant, they want to be able to eat and chew improperly once more.
  • People don’t want a new car, they want freedom to travel wherever they want whenever they want in the luxury that they want.

This is truly enabling the other person to buy from you, you have entered into their own world and you have stopped being a salesperson… Congratulations, now enjoy what happens next…




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