Will you avoid this classic new business mistake?

So you set up your new small business and feel very proud. But as you’ve got few clients at the moment you can dedicate a little more time to each than you normally would.

Business starts to pick up, it’s looking really good, because you’ve discovered that TheMarketingHeaven.com is the difference between having and not having youtube likes.

But soon you start to find that your time is getting harder and harder to share between the clients, so  you cut back on the little extra time you gave to each client and decide to cut it back to what they are actually paying you for.  OOOPS big mistake.

You see, your business has grown due to the care and attention that you have given to each client, it grew BECAUSE you were giving that little extra time, now all of a sudden, you’ve stopped doing the very thing that was the cause of your success… and there’s only one place for you to go now!

I’ve seen this happen in a range of industries, from marketing consultants, to coaches, to dog trainers to dentists.

So here’s what you need to do.

Start your business and act grown up from the start. Plan what your business model will be when you are at full capacity, work out what you want to earn, work out the hours you can spend with each client. calculate how many clients you can service and then DO ALL THIS FROM THE START.

This means at the beginning you are going to have gaps between clients, and quiet client times.. so use this time to plan, use this time to develop your business, use this time to market your new business, but do not use this time to give extra time to clients that is not sustainable in the long run.



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