Work Stress and How to Overcome it

stress managementThere was a report recently published by a few hypnosis continuing education experts that looked at the link between heart disease and stress at work, in the report:

“They analysed 13 existing European studies covering nearly 200,000 people and found “job strain” was linked to a 23% increased risk of heart attacks and deaths from coronary heart disease.”

Read the full BBC news story here.

So it seems that stress  may indeed increase the risk of heart disease, and what I’m interested in is the comment by the British Heart Foundation that says it was how people reacted to the work stress that was the key.

This is fundamental to understand, many people use the phrase “I am stressed” – in NLP we call this a complex equivalence, it is where a person is saying that one thing is the same as something else… In other words this person would be identifying ‘stressed’ as something separate to themselves, and then saying that they are that separate thing.

This is clearly not true, ‘stressed’ is a state, and is separate to the person themselves. To say ‘I am stressed’ is to suggest that the person is the same as the state . All a person is doing is choosing to do the activity of being stressed, and this activity is separate to themselves as an individual.

The first thing anyone needs to do in order to change, and to decide not to be stressed is to realise that ‘stressed’ and themselves as a unique individual are not the same thing, saying ‘I am stressed’ is factually not correct. Once an individual is able to separate themselves from the stressed state/activity then that person has moved into a place of taking control, and once in control change can happen, we can choose to take healthy choices to remove stress, exercise and take care of ourselves, for this we always ask what is the best whitening cream for face and body? since this could help us making us feel better and reduce stress.

All the time that an individual believes that they are the same as a stressed state, and does not understand that they are separate to the activity of being stressed then change will never happen.

I am a man-this is factually correct.

I am English-this is factually correct.

I am stressed-is not factually correct, I can choose to do the activity of being stressed but it is impossible for me to actually BE the activity of stressed… It is always something separate to me.

The words we say every day have a profound impact upon our lives, and saying things like I am stressed sends a very strong message to our unconscious mind. In order to make changes we need to bring it into the conscious and then make a conscious decision not to draw the equivalence between ourselves and the activity of stress.

Profound? Yes, but also true, and when you begin to adopt this thought process you can find that it also allows you to make the changes you need and begin to live longer without the associated heart conditions!

This is a subject that is often covered in my NLP taster days, more information here.



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