Using NLP to help Covid Fatigue

Using NLP to help Covid Fatigue

So here’s a real life example of how NLP and mindset can help in everyday life.

Many of you may know that I am a dancer.

I dance, or I used to dance quite a bit, usually two or three times a week, quite often for two or three hours each time. Modern jive was my chosen style.

You very often see me posting videos of dancing. Here’s proof, lol

However, since the COVID crisis hit, I’ve been unable to dance because it’s a partner dance and we’ve not been able to get within two meters of each other.

So dancing has been out and is likely to be out, really, for the foreseeable future. Dancing, for me, as reading, cinemas or running is to other people is part of my therapy.

It’s part of what keeps me sane.

It’s part of what helps me in life, and I’ve not been able to do that. So I’ve not been able to do one of the very things that I find very helpful for keeping me mentally healthy.

So how can NLP help with that? How can NLP help you in similar situations?

A BRLLIANT NLP question is: For what purpose?

So I could ask myself or I could say, “I like to go dancing.” And as an NLP coach, I would say, “For what purpose?”

“Because I like to go out and meet friends.”

“For what purpose?”

“Because I like the sociable side of things and I like to stay in touch.”

“For what purpose?”

“Because I relax.”

“For what purpose?”

“Because when I relax, I feel that I can take time for myself and I can nurture myself.”

So you can see, by using the question, “For what purpose?” we can start to drill down deeper and deeper and deeper into our own psyche as to what something gives us.

If we can do that and be really honest, as you can see in that example, for me it comes down to nurturing and relaxing.

Once I’ve done that, I can then say, “Well, that’s the purpose that I go dancing. Are there other things that I can do to nurture me and help me relax?”

I can then work out other ways to get those things. So I would recommend that you do that same thing. Perhaps if the COVID crisis has led you to a point where there are things you want to do, but you now can’t do, ask yourself, “For what purpose? For what purpose? For what purpose?” till you get to a point where you can say, “I can do other things to get that same thing, to achieve that same purpose.”

Give it a go and let me know how you get on.



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