Starting things a new

Apologies if this is a blog post from the heart, but I feel this is the best type of post!

The very last NLP experience day I ran was the day my wife died back in 2013. This isn’t the place to go through what happened if you want to read more about it, I’ve created a whole website here.

That was 6 years ago and I have this to say… I’ve been through a rather dramatic, often traumatic, and sometimes enthusiastic process of change during that time.

The only sure thing in life is that things move forwards. Ain’t that the truth!

The only sure thing in life is that things will change. And boy, haven’t they!

And so, [drum roll please] with renewed vigour and enthusiasm for NLP, I AM BACK.

I don’t really like… ‘Coming soon’… Type websites and blogs but on this occasion I’m going to overlook my own dislike and allow myself the exclusive privilege of saying…

… Coming soon, watch this space…

The Big NLP Experience Taster Day.

I’m bringing the big NLP experience back, I only ever ran 5 of these but saw >50 people’s lives changed as a result, they were originally run in Watford, Hertfordshire but now they are going to be run in the beautiful setting of Bridport, Dorset.

Dates, times and venues are in the process of being arranged but I expect the 1st of these to be running late Autumn 2019.

The Health Care Coaching Academy.

This is a brand-new concept and idea. It will be an online coaching Academy designed exclusively for healthcare professionals, helping them communicate better (plenty of marketing advice will be going in here), understand themselves better, increase performance of themselves and their teams in order to help their patients and clients.

The Academy will be delivered via a low-cost monthly (£25/month +/-) subscription which will give everyone access to a range of resources such as videos, downloads, worksheets and potentially monthly one-to-one webinars with me.



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