My Successful Story – Mark Oborn MBA

how to shift the reality

In this podcast it’s time for me to be interview as as one of The Performance Academy instructors. This is part of the ‘getting to know series’ of interviews looking at the story of all the people involved.

In the interview we use the Sendible “Share Your Story” prompt cards . These are an incredibly powerful tool for uncovering the story of a brand and individuals. They look at:

  1. Getting to the why. A series of questions looking at Mission and vision, values and positioning, and problems and successes..
  2. Plotting the story. What’s the story about climbing from nothing to something.
  3. Finding challenges and obstacles in the way, and how are these overcome.
  4. Identifying a guide and who or what helped this person achieve what they have?
  5. Identifying the lessons that have been learnt by resolution and transformation.

Have a listen to what I  have to say about by own story and how I’ve transformed my life and business with a clear set of values and beliefs.

The book I mentioned is “Gravitational Marketing: The Science of Attracting Customers” by Jimmy Vee, Joel Bauer and Travis Miller



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