How to lose weight and stay slim

Yep, I thought that title would get your attention. While you have creams such as goji which are helping people to stay wrinkle free, how can you lose weight and stay slim?

The first point I want to raise is that losing weight is really simple, all you need to do is to expend more energy than you eat. Simple is in it.

Yet we go on diets over and over again, we may think that the diet has worked but can it really have worked if we have to keep doing them over and over?

So why don’t these diets work? Well, you know it’s all in your mind. All you need to do is exercise more and eat less and the weight will fall off, yet there is something in our mindset that prevents us doing that, and we all know that if we could actually change our mindset losing weight would be easy and we would be able to stay as slim as we wanted to over an extended period.

So now you know that losing weight is all in your mind I’m going to break this down into stages which will be simple and easy to follow, don’t forget that the option of getting a mummy makeover Sydney is also an option.

Step one.

Identify what the real problem is. Oh yes, you know THAT problem! You see unless we deal with past negative emotions and totally put them to rest it can be difficult to move on. Let’s take sadness for example. The problem with ‘sadness’  is that it is a label, people say ‘I am sad’. This is not true, they may be doing a very good job of showing all the signs of sadness, but they are not ‘sad’ itself – they have simply become very good at ‘doing’ sadness.

This is the same for ‘angry’, ‘fearful’ and any other emotion. No-one is fearful, they are simply very good at ‘doing’ fear!

This is a fundamental shift in thinking but once understood is extremely liberating. It allows a person to realise they can change.

It’s not always easy and may take time, but once a person realises that they do have control, and can learn to do other emotions, states and behaviours just as well as they do sadness or depression… then magic happens.

I’ve had clients say ‘I am afraid’ and have felt that way for 40 years, yet after 2 hours they have realised that they are just very good at ‘doing’ fear and are then easily able to let it go. 40 years of raging fear gone in 2 hours, no drugs just the power of the mind!

But the number of gullible clients I get who use drugs to tackle obesity is disconcerting. These clients are credulous and are desperate to lose weight, ending up in substance abuse. The only thing I do is direct them to a drug rehab treatment.

Step two.

What will losing weight get for you? The question you specifically need to answer is what will you BE, DO or HAVE once you have lost the weight?

Answering this question and writing down your answer will help you to completely visualise exactly what losing weight means to you. Once you have a clear idea of what it means to you the whole process is much more tangible and real. Doing this gives your unconscious mind a goal to focus on which is very powerful

Step three.

Focus on size and measurements not on weight. The more you exercise, the more muscle you will put on, as this weighs more than fat using weight is not a great way to decide how good your program has been.

Step four.

Focus on the big picture. Many people focus on the tiny details of not being able to eat what they want or having to exercise when they don’t want to. So what is the big picture? Well, it could be that if you were able to be the size that you wanted to be perhaps you could have more energy to play with the kids?

If you were the size you wanted to be perhaps you have more sex appeal or be more manly or more masculine, for this there are resources at sites like which specialize in this.

Focus on what the changing your size will get you, what would it help you achieve, what would it help you do and what will it help you to have?

Step five.

Honestly identify the excuses. This can be really difficult however you need to tackle this honestly. This is definitely not the case the you, but many people out there may want to stay the way they are as it allows them to sit on the sofa all day and not do anything. If those people wanted to lose weight they would have two get up and do something! This is what we call secondary gain and identifying it is really important.

What we have to stop doing that you like doing if you reach your ideal size?

What will you have to start doing that you don’t like doing if you reach your ideal size?

My suggestion is to take some time to write down your answers to these specific questions, this can be a difficult exercise bike you will find that once you really tackle it that it identifies areas in your life where you can really make some improvements.


The changes that are required in the way you think are very extensive but are actually pretty simple to achieve with the help of a coach. One of the issues of dealing with this yourself is that the temptation can be to let yourself off the hook! Working with a coach will allow you to deal with past negative emotions in a gentle, relaxed and even enjoyable way.

Timeline therapy® can be used to simply and easily remove past negative emotions, this allows you to focus on the now and the future without the emotional baggage.

We can then use NLP to highlight any of the areas of secondary gain and to set your goal of exactly what you want to be, do and have in your life and what achieving your ideal size will get you.

Hypnosis is then a perfect tool to cement in all of these changes and ensure that the changes are made at an unconscious and permanent level.

If you are looking for a cheap fix to solve your overweight problem then this is not it! Think about what you spent in the past, all of those diets and wasted opportunities… If only you sorted it right from the beginning then you wouldn’t have spent that money and you could have enjoyed the past few years.

Losing weight and staying slim is an investment in yourself and you will reap the rewards of it many times over I’m sure.

So take action today, works with a bullet points I’ve listed above and then when you are ready now give me a call and we can discuss a personalised program just few. Amazingly the weight change program I use takes only one and a half days with a six-week coaching period afterwards, no diets, no restricted foods simply losing weight in the most natural way possible.

Interested? Let’s talk…



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