Common problems people experience

This is amazing and so exciting!

I’ve had 3 discovery calls in the past week and I thought I’d share with you some common themes that so many people experience, do you recognise any of this?

1. 🔥Freedom vs Security. It seems so many people want to have both. Freedom – to live life as they want and freedom from having to work all hours. Security – that there is a regular income. If these two parts are not reconciled then they will continuously pull in different directions and you’ll find business and life does the same. This way, that way, never really getting anywhere.

2. 🔥Not having a clear goal. Unless you know exactly what you want to achieve in life, and have it shining brightly as something to walk towards, almost magnetic, pulling you irresistibly towards it then focus in life can become difficult. As soon as things get tough you will lose focus if you’re not absolutely crystal clear about what you want to achieve in LIKE. (and I’m not talking about a five-year goal with a business plan!)

3. 🔥Past experiences/emotions holding us back & becoming a barrier. Even if we have a shining bright goal that we know where we are going in life, if we have unhelpful thoughts, experiences or beliefs these can hold us back and prevent us achieving… Even if we think we have all of the business tools available to us.

If you recognise these things, you aren’t alone.

If you recognise these things, the good news is that something can be done!

And so, I’m off to coach myself… Today I’m writing my 10 year, 20 year and 30 year goals.

I love all this stuff 🙂



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