Dental Laboratory Group Coaching

If you are NOT a dental laboratory please check back here soon as this service will open out to other industries in the near future.

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This is your opportunity to create your dream laboratory with the income you deserve allowing you to live the life you want.

You know the dental market is changing rapidly, from CADCAM to  NHS to outsourced work in China. Only by staying ahead of the game and leading your laboratory in your chosen direction with passion and desire will you allow your business to survive and thrive.

 Why should you listen to me?

 As a dentist from, and laboratory owner of 16 years I know what problems are facing you, combining this experience with my Masters Degree in Business (MBA) gives me unique and unparalleled insights in to the world in which you need to compete. Oh, did I also say that I am an accredited Neuro Linguisitic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and NLP Coach?

  • Dental Technician
  • Dental Laboratory Owner
  • Masters Degree in Business Administration (Major in Marketing)
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Master Practitioner of Hypnosis
  • Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy
  • NLP Master Coach


Do you know anyone else more uniquely qualified to help dental laboratory owners develop their businesses?

“This is a golden opportunity to start a program of change today that will help you as a business person as well as your laboratory to achieve what you want and deserve. ”

Don’t miss it

What is this Program?

This is a 1 year coaching and consulting program with one full day per month attendnace at the ‘Catalyst for Change’  workshops with me, you and 9 other laboratories in the wonderful and relaxing setting of FallowFields Hotel in Oxfordshire.

How does it work?

Your ‘Catalyst for Change’ program is split in to 4 different and distinct modules each lasting 3 months:
  • Understanding the complexities of your business and how to make the most of it
  • Effective Marketing For Your Laboratory
  • Understanding Your Clients to Aid Communication For Better Cases and Rapid Business Growth
  • Understanding Yourself to Ensure You Achieve your Business Goals

 Here’s how your ‘Catalyst for Change’ program breaks down.

Understanding Your Business

  • Analysing the dental market to enable you to stay ahead of the competition
  • Understanding competitive forces and how to leverage your own
  • Understanding and reporting on management accounts in order to make effective decisions
  • Tracking new prospects and converting them to clients
  • Developing your brand and understanding why this is important in order to compete


  • How to find your laboratories Unique Selling Point and leverage it to attract new clients
  • Understanding the Customer
  • Understanding and analysing the Competition
  • Creating a Marketing Strategy
  • Monitoring & Measuring your Marketing
  • Online marketing including social media, email and website marketing

 Understanding Others

  • Deep communication skills to get the results you want
  • How to classify others in order to communicate in a way that is right and meaningful for them
  • Using language patterns that get results for use when you meet clients for the first time
  • Dealing with an angry client

 Understanding Yourself

  •  Setting your Own Goals & Setting your Business Goals
  • How to Achieve those goals
  • Eliminating Procrastination
  • Eliminating Negative Thoughts Patterns – yes I know, you do have them!
  • Removing Limiting Beliefs (such as ‘I don’t deserve success’ or ‘My lab will never be a success’)
  • Changing your Frame of Mind instantly in order to achieve

What will the results be?

As you read this list, think now about how great it would be if you could:
  • Attract new clients to the lab
  • Increase turnover
  • Increase profits
  • Achieve what has evaded you so far in your life
  • Understand how your clients think and work with this to aid communications
  • Know the most effective language patterns to use to get the results you want
  • Be happier in yourself knowing you are on the path to success
  • Have happier staff because you know how to communicate with them
  • Have a clear idea about how you are going to make the changes you want and need
  • Have a renewed purpose for doing what you do
This is a year long journey of change to which I will be the catalyst – and it starts today, to register your interest simply add your details above, then when the course is ready to go live I will contact the first 10 people that signed up here. If you decide at that point no to go ahead, then you will not be held to any commitment..
Why is the course not ready to go live now?
Great question. I want to ensure that this course is tailored to the 10 people that sign up, so as soon as I have 10 registrants with their specific concerns I will start to tailor the course to them… as this an ‘unknown variable’ it is better to not put a specific date on starting until the series has been tailored – however the expected start date is October 2012.



This will be at the stunning Fallow Fields Hotel in Kingston Bagpuise, Oxfordshire. This hotel are all but self sufficient with their food, including beef, pork, quail and duck – you’ll have an amazing time simply by being at this truly relaxing venue.


Expected Start Date:
This fabulous and life changing series is due to start October 2012 – exact times to be confirmed via email to the people that have signed up above.

What is the investment?

Your commitment to this process is considerable. Your results, if you do what I tell you, will also be considerable!
YOUR Investment in this change process is:
  • You will be required to complete a pre-series questionnaire. If this is not completed you will not be eligible to join the program. This is so that I know that all attendees are at the right place to start making change, and will not hold other attendees back.
  • The series required you to attend the ‘Catalyst for Change’ workshops which are 1 full day per month
  • Tasks will be given between each workshop. These will take around 2 hours each to complete and will need to be completed by the next meeting e.g. Set 5 specific business goals
  • The fee is £300+VAT per month paid one month in advance
MY Investment in YOU will be:
  • Availability via phone and email between each ‘Catalyst for Change’ workshop
  • I will dedicate myself to you personally to ensure you obtain the goals you set
  • I will commit to you completely during the workshops and over the phone/email between each one
  • I guarantee that you will reap the rewards or I’ll give you your money back

Mark’s Money Back Guarantee

I guarantee that if you do all I tell you that you will see a significant change in your life and laboratory and that you are totally on your path to achieve what you want – or your money back

All that’s left for you to do now is sign up using the form at the top of this page – see you soon.