Personal Success Evenings

The first port of call on your route to success is to understand a) where you want to go b) what problems you need to overcome in order to get there.

The biggest issue preventing personal success, whether that be weight management, health, business or in life is to understand what’s been holding you back for so long? If you knew then you’d remove it and you’d achieve what you want right!

My Personal Success evenings take a gentle walk though the concepts of understanding your mind and give specific tools to allow you to see the barriers in your way.

“I can see clearly now the rain has gone, I can see all barriers in my way”

Typical barriers to success in weight,health, business and life include things like:

  • Conflicting values. ‘Eat Less Food to Lose Weight‘ & ‘Eat More Food Coz it Tastes Good’ are 2 typical conflicts that can be resolved in your mind
  • Limiting Beliefs. ‘I’m not worth it’ & ‘I don’t deserve it’  are 2 typical beliefs that can be resolved in your mind
  • Values in the wrong order. If fun, enjoyment, relaxing, feeling good are things that are most important to you then you may not make as much money as you like or loose as much weight as you want. If we put ‘money’ or ‘health’ a little higher up in the list of what’s important to you then you will achieve it!

Once you have seen the barriers and cleared them you can then work on your business goal, life goal or your health goal with a personal trainer or Master Coach.

The evenings are £25 and are held at a range of venues around the Watford, Hertfordshire area. To register your interest please enter your details here and I’ll keep you up to date with dates.

P.S As a special bonus I’ll also send you my free guide to overcoming under achievement.