The 5 NLP Secrets to Being a Successful Health and Wellness Professional

The 5 NLP Secrets to Being a Successful Health & Wellness Professional



WHEN: 1-2 pm Friday 16th October
WHERE: via t’internet
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Aims & Objectives

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Would you like to have more control over the way you think?

Perhaps you want to understand how others think and have a set of tools you can use?

Understanding our own mindset and the way we communicate with others helps to boost our own success as well as our business, this webinar will give 5 NLP secrets that the most successful people use

Neuro Linguistic Programming is an incredibly powerful tool for understanding how we think, how others think and therefore controlling our own mind and the way we communicate with others.

This 1 hour lunch and learn webinar is designed for any health and wellness professional that wants to take their thinking to the next level.