What courses are available?

The CPD certified courses in the Performance Academy are particularly suitable for doctors & dentists wanting to improve success in their business. Having worked in dentistry all of his life, Mark understands the issues facing the healthcare profession.

The business coaching courses are also relevant to chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths or any other health care professional working in a clinical environment.


The program is designed to augment your business and clinical/technical skills with a range of mind skills. (we need all 3 skill sets to have a successful business)


Introduction to success, performance and communication management – Part 1

Course includes:

  • Guidance video with 2 key principles for success
  • Which techniques can work best for creating change in ourselves?
  • Understanding the stumbling blocks which prevent us taking control of our business.
  • How do our brains make sense of the world around us and how does this relate to the way other people go through this same process? Then how can we utilise this knowledge to communicate better?
  • How do we communicate and once we know how people communicate, how can we enhance our communication skills?
  • How is our behaviour affected by things that happen around us, and what can we do to make the right changes?
  • How can we begin to create rapport with our clients and patients in order to improve the practitioner/client relationship?
  • How do we use our new communication skills and understanding of the world around us to make a practical difference in our business performance?

The following courses will be accessible once your monthly subscription has begun

Introduction to success, performance and communication management – Part 2

  • How do you relate to the world? Are we a visual, auditory, kinaesthetic or practical thinker? Take the ‘preference test’ to find out.
  • How can you use this information to communicate better with people that think differently?
  • How you can use your new communication skills to provide better treatment plans and help motivate patients/clients to take action for improved health and wellness.
  • What strategies do people use when they make a purchase, or decide to do something? And how can we utilise these strategies to improve performance of our businesses and to help our clients or patients?

The principles of success

  • What are the basic guiding principles of successful people, what do they do and how can we utilise these skills ourselves?
  • If we know what outcomes we want, we can work to achieve them, right? So, what is a well formed outcome that helps us achieve it?
  • How to feel what ever you want to feel at any given point, and how to help your clients do the same. Excellent for managing your own personal response to difficult situations at work.
  • What are Cartesian coordinates? And how can we use this mathematical principle to improve business success and performance?
  • How do we solve problems? Understanding how we solve problems helps us achieve greater performance and helps us explain things better to our clients and patients, thereby increasing compliance to our health and wellness advice.
  • What prevents your clients or patients from taking action on your excellent advice? Many people suffer from ‘secondary gain’, this prevents them from taking your excellent advice and implementing it, but what is secondary gain, how can we understand it, and how can we help overcome it?
  • Understanding the keys to an achievable outcome, having this knowledge ensures we can stick to our business plan and strategy.

Communicating with clients

  • Understanding the language we use, particularly predicates. This helps us communicate elegantly with the people around us.
  • What are intonation patterns? How can we understand and utilise our own intonation patterns to ensure our message is clearly understood?
  • What language do we use unconsciously and how can we bring it into the conscious so that we can make an improvement?
  • What linguistic assumptions do we make which confuse our clients and patients?
  • Common mistakes we make when we put language into a hierarchy, and how we can deconstruct this hierarchy to communicate clearly.
  • The secrets to negotiation and how to negotiate in a friendly, calm and relaxed way.
  • Did you know that you often accidentally embed commands in your language? Sometimes we accidentally tell people to do the opposite of what we want, in this module we’ll find out all about those accidents we make with our language.
  • Some people do things out of necessity, others do it out of possibility, these are known as modal operators… In this module will look at these different modal operators to help us understand how our clients and patients think, when we do this we can help them take action and overcome their health and wellness problems (which is why they are seeing you in the first place).
  • Making sense of the modern world and the lens through which we view it, this based upon the work of Dr Clare Graves, Professor of Psychology At Union College Schenectady, USA. With this newfound knowledge you will have a deeper understanding of how differences occur between yourself, your team and your clients.
  • Understanding how to present a plan to a client or patients, this could be a treatment plan or an explanation of treatment. How to structure it in a way that encourages the patient to take action for their own benefit.

Changing behaviours

  • How to have a physiology and psychology of excellence.
  • Understanding motivational strategies and how they can hinder or help in personal achievement.
  • Understanding our own strategies which prevented achieving or create damaging habits.
  • Modifying the way we construct problems in order to reframe, refresh and understand things differently.
  • Understanding negative emotions and learning how, when and why to take action.
  • 12 steps to creating a goal. This is way beyond the usual SMART goals!
  • How to achieve that goal!
  • How to embed new behaviours in ourselves in order to be more successful. What new behaviours would you like to adopt? This module will help you do exactly that.
  • Aligning different parts of ourselves that have conflicting beliefs. Many people want to have the freedom to do what they want and yet have the security of a job… It’s not always possible to have both, or is it?
  • Experience a Time Line Therapy Test Flight which will help you relax and stay in control, you will discover how to take yourself on your own test flight. This is a fabulous technique to take stock at the end of the day, put things into perspective, reset, recharge ready to begin again the next day.

What will happen when you join the Academy?

When you join the Academy , follow my instructions and implement the techniques, skills and ideas given to you, you will…

  1. Be happier in life
  2. Be happier at work so that you REALLY enjoy going
  3. Make more money, if you want to
  4. Have more holiday, if you want to
  5. Enjoy happier relationships, if you want to
  6. Make even more money, yep it really flows when you want it to!

*High quality technical and business skills are integral to total business success. This academy should not be taken in isolation and genuine business performance increases will only likely be seen when accompanied with quality technical and business skills.