Business Consulting

Why should every small business work with a consultant?

Having both an MBA and 17 years experience of running small businesses is enormously beneficial when I’m helping you run your own business. Typical areas that small businesses fall down on are:

  • Understanding their accounts and the importance of Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow accounts in running small business day to day
  • Not focusing on a target market. Too many businesses want to appeal to everyone – the trick is to decide who you do not want as customers and ensure you eliminate them from your business – this results in business being fun, enjoyable, effective and profitable.
  • Understanding what their business is really about. For example, a butcher does not sell meat! A butcher sells satisfaction, enjoyment with friends, fulfilment etc. Understand the true nature of your business and abundance will follow.
  • A lack of co-ordinated and effective marketing with techniques that work. How often have I heard “Yes, I tried that once and it didn’t work”? Bad marketing never works, good marketing does!
  • The owner self sabotaging with negative beliefs, self doubt, lack of confidence, being angry, intolerance… need I go on!

What we can do about to help you

For the business owner that is serious about making changes and progress I offer one-to-one coaching and consulting. The first part of this is about sorting out the business owner’s head, either with a Break Through Session or with longer term business coaching. This is where my skills in NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis will be used to help you.
We then move on to the consulting side of things. This part of my the service offered to small business is very directive – I know what works and will tell you what to do. I’ll be VERY picky about how you run your business now and will challenge you at every turn to make changes to improve. This is where my MBA will be used to help you business change.

How do you get started making effective change?

Call me – it’s that simply. My number is 0845 259 1232 (local rate) or fill in the FREE 30 Minute Consultation form.
I’ve also a whole host of material on this site, Facebook, Twitter and by free download – please do join me on any one of these platforms and start your journey to success today. I dare you!
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What will happen when you start to change?

When you get your personal and business goals and thinking aligned you will:
  1. Be happier in life
  2. Be happier at work so that you REALLY enjoy going
  3. Make more money, if you want to
  4. Have more holiday, if you want to
  5. Enjoy happier relationships, if you want to
  6. Make even more money, yep it really flows when you want it to!
The only think I’m wondering now is, when are going to chose to call me?