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The BIG NLP Experience

Magical Day – Thank you for all the thought provoking and fun teaching learning experiences and exercises Brill! –Agno Dental & Aesthetics

VENUE: Hilton Hotel Watford, Herts

Easy access from M25, M1 (plenty of free parking spaces at the hotel) and Watford Junction Mainline Train Station

Why you should attend this NLP Course

How would it be if we could show you, in one single day, how to change your life & career forever? To increase performance of yourself, your business and your team?

To be able to see the way to achieve what you want and relate to other people in a way that is natural, calm and beneficial for everyone?

NLP is your route to achieving this, and on this taster day you’ll find out why NLP is so powerful,what exactly it is, how to use it and get the opportunity to experience it for yourself in a calm, relaxed and safe environment.

NLP is a collection of ideas, philosophies and ways of thinking that leaves behind a trail of techniques which are easy to learn and simple to put into practice.


Who is this NLP training experience suitable for?

These Big Experience days are suitable for any individual or business owner who wishes to develop their life and/or business. Delegates will typically have a hunger for information about how to communicate with themselves and others and will come with an enquiring and open mind.


If you are any of the following then this day will be perfect you.

  1. Business owners.
  2. Employees in any business.
  3. An individuals wishing to achieve more in their own lives.

So what will you be able to do better after the Big NLP Experience? 

1.     Increasing acceptance of your presentation to new clients (some call this ‘sales’).

2.     Answering the phone and communicating the added value that your business brings.

3.     Dealing with new enquiries to ensure higher conversions

4.     Relaxing clients during your first meeting.

5.     Helping clients to understand and follow your instructions so they get more from your services.

6.     Self development to help you achieve what you want in life – or indeed help you decide what you want!

7.     Business development to get your business to where you know it should be.

8.     Communicating with staff members, both for colleagues and senior or junior staff.

9.   Helping clients understand the value of what you offer, in any industry

Eventbrite - The Big NLP Experience

Learning all of these techniques has taken me years of training to get me to the level of Master of Business Administration (MBA), Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, Master NLP Coach, Certified Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy and Master Practitioner of Hypnosis. I am the only person operating in dentistry to have over 20 years experience in the dental market, an MBA and to be a Master Practitioner of NLP, TLT, Hypnosis and Master Coach.


I wonder what would happen if you dared to think now about the possibility that everything listed above was working perfectly in your practice or business and what impact that will have on your practice once you’ve got it sorted!


NLP is an excellent route to achieving this and I’d love to welcome you to this highly affordable training day.


Thank you for a very interesting day! I  came away feeling very positive both in my personal and working life – Joan

We’ll discuss the power of the NLP communication model and how you can use this in your own life, plus you’ll:


  • Uncover the secret world of communication using the NLP Communication Model
  • Experience the effect of setting goals and outcomes in a well formed way (we’re going WAY beyond SMART goals here, let me tell you!)
  • Discover the hidden language patterns we all use and how to use them to understand others
  • See the benefit of being able to control your state and access any state at will
  • Discover more about your life’s values and their impact upon how you feel
  • Enjoy the liberated feeling of finding out for the first time why you repeat those same old things over and over
  • Find out how to get rid of the nagging doubts and beliefs that go on in your head all the time
  • Realise the impact of your non-verbal communication and body language and discover how to use it more effectively
  • Enjoy learning about rapport and how to ensure it happens fast. Great for business and meetings!
  • Understand your hidden strategies for buying and decision and practice techniques to find out the buying strategy of your clients. WOW how powerful is that?
  • Practice a new learning strategy that is great for kids learning too
  • Discover that this is the best NLP course that you’ve ever been on!

 What other peoople have said

 “Its a must for every professional or individual who wants to really understand how to achieve their own personal and business goals”


“Bonkers balistic day! Will come away with immediate, practical & accesible tools”


“A must do course….a great self help/self assessment lesson in both personal & work life.”


“Go with an open mind, and the information you get could be life changing!”


your content and style was awesome and I took away nuggets of information that I can implement immediately. I would recommend the day to everyone, whether dental or non dental to go on this day to better understand what and why we take certain actions and how to programme ourselves for success”

 Eventbrite - The Big NLP Experience

PLUS you’ll:

  • Have fun and really enjoy the day
  • Work in a small group with other like-minded people
  • Start to integrate NLP in to your life to see better outcomes daily
The Big NLP Experience is divided in to presentations and practical skills sessions. No training session is longer than 1.5 hours so there’s plenty of time for coffee and a relaxed learning environment. The slides we use will assist your learning and you’ll find the practice sessions fun and engaging as you notice the powerful way NLP can work in your life.
Imagine being able to think clearer, learn faster and be able to access any state at will – motivation, happiness, relaxation are all states that we’ll show you how to access simply and effectively.

You’ll come away with a renewed vigour for life and a clearer understanding of not only how your mind works, but how the mind of others works too. You’ll be able to use this to communicate better with those around you, including work colleagues, friends and loved ones.

A true life changing and transformational day that people have said they’d pay over £400 for!

Many of my clients are dentists, when using  NLP they find it easier to talk to patients, to explain complex treatment plans in a way that the patients accept and understand. They’ll also find that it is easier to motivate patients to follow simple instructions with their oral health care routine when communicating using NLP principles.

How much is it worth to really start to make those changes in your life? £300, £500… what could you really do if you removed the negative emotions and limiting beliefs?

What would you pay to:

  • Start a new job
  • Resolve inner conflict and self sabotage once and for all
  • Communicate with your partner better for a healthier relationship
  • Believe in yourself again
  • Start to do the things in life you’ve wanted to but have been scared to

A truly inspirational and motivational NLP experience estimated to be worth in excess of £1000

What’s included in The Big NLP Experience?

  1. NLP Course Manual £50  – yours for FREE
  2. A full day training with a Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy™ & Hypnosis £1000 – yours for FREE (We normally have 2 or 3 further coaches that attend, so you have ample time to chat about issues that bother you specifically*)
  3. “How to avoid failure” comprehensive instruction and advice manual £25 – yours for FREE
  4. Lunch in the Hilton Hotel £20 – yours forFREE
  5. 10% voucher (worth around £200) for Helford2000 & Indigo Eagle NLP training
  6. up to 50% off coaching and therapy sessions worth up to £2000

The total value of the course is estimated to be far in excess of £2000!

Very valuable stuff for communication in every walk of life: consultations, team management, family, and even how one talks to oneself! I was very struck by what was illuminated for me about me – Andrew

 If you really want to supercharge the marketing in your practice or business and make some huge changes in your business/life development then this is the BIG experience for you, I look forward to seeing you on the day…


Details of the next day

VENUE: Hilton Hotel Watford, Herts

Easy access from M25, M1 (plenty of free parking at the Hotel) and Watford Junction Mainline Train Station

Very valuable stuff for communication in every walk of life: consultations, team management, family, and even how one talks to oneself! I was very struck by what was illuminated for me about me


Eventbrite - The Big NLP Experience

*Additional coaches are not always in attendance and this can not be guaranteed. Any coaches that do attend will at least be Practitioners of NLP, Time Line Therapy & Hypnosis, however most are Master Practitioners.

Currently the NLP training courses are run in Watford Hertfordshire so are perfect if you live in the local Rickmansworth, Croxley Green, Bushey, Garston, Chorleywood areas. The training centre is also easy access from central London via direct train from Euston to Watford Junction. The NLP courses are held at the Hilton hotel which is 10 min from junction 20 of the M25.

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