The NLP Communication & Metasales Workshop

Dental ‘sales’ and communication training

First things first, Our belief is that there is no such thing as ‘sales’!

We believe that if we understand the other persons ‘model of the world’ or view point, communicate with them ‘on their level’ using elegantly precise language in a way that they understand then sales are a result of this elegant communication.

Because of this belief we’ve put together this MetaSales training designed for dentistry.

Mark and Emma both run highly successful companies, this unique NLP communication training has evolved from their experiences in their own companies and as Master Practitioners of NeuroLinguistic Programming. The training programme covers a range of practical ideas and techniques which will ensure that:

1. You and your team can talk confidently about money with prospective patients.
2. You and your team can help patients to follow oral health care advice.
3. You and your team communicate effectively with one another.
4. You and Your team communicate effectively with prospective new patients over the phone.
5. You and your team have a range of communication skills to draw upon when faced with difficult situations with patients.
6. You and your team are able to explain the value of what you do meaning resistance is lowered from clients.

Whether your interest is to increase sales figures for your dental practice, increase efficiency to improve performance or communicate better with a happier dental team, the NLP communication and meta-sales workshop is designed to fit specifically with your needs.

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Venue – Hilton Hotel, Watford, Hertfordshire.

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Who are Mark & Emma and what qualifies them to run this Meta Sales workshop?

Emma Darnell NLP Master PractitionerEmma Darnell, a Business Development Director is a Master NLP Practitioner, Master NLP Coach, Time Line Therapy Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. She is highly experienced as a Team Facilitator, Executive and Career Coach Workshop Trainer, and brings ten years staff management and human resources training to the table. With extensive training and coaching experience Emma leads on strategic business & partnership development.

Passionate about inspiring individuals to maximise their potential, helping them stretch their aspirations and reach their goals the Executive Team remain very hands on in the day to day running of the business

Mark Oborn NLP Master PractitionerMark Oborn spent 25 years as a dental technician working exclusively within the high quality sector of the private market, after 15 years of running is own laboratory he now also has a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) majoring in marketing, innovation and creativity. Mark is also a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Master Practitioner of Hypnosis which further assists him in the skilful art of marketing communication.

He now works with a select handful UK dental practices developing their online marketing, website conversions and social media marketing helping them to attract the right patients in to their practice.

What makes Mark different? 25 years as a Dental Technician, an MBA & Master Practitioner of NLP. He understands dentistry, business and communication!

What makes this dental sales training event different?

Our belief is that there is no such thing as sales!

We believe that if we understand the other persons ‘model of the world’ or view point, communicate with them ‘on their level’ using elegantly precise language in a way that they understand then sales are a result of this elegant communication.

Exacting standards in communication have the result that people trust you and understand what you are offering them, they are then more predisposed to buy from you which results in an increase in profits and referrals.

Think about when you are on the phone and you realise that someone is using a sales technique on you… do you like it?

Let’s simply communicate so effectively and efficiently that your patients trust you, warm to you , refer their friends to you and opt for more treatments if they genuinely need/want them.

Why you should attend

Would you be interested in:
1. Increasing revenues simply, ethically and in the best interest of the patient?
2. Becoming a more effective business leader?
3. Understanding how to communicate efficiently with others?
4. Taking control of yourself and your team again?
5. Understanding what people are really saying when they talk to you?
6. Knowing how to respond when a patient says “I can’t…”?
7. Having a toolkit of techniques to use with new patient enquiries?

What does the workshop deliver?

This is a 2 day workshop of practical exercises helping you & your team become skilled in the use of linguistics and communication techniques with:
• Team members (helping them perform better)
• Patients (helping them follow your oral health advice)
• Prospective patients (helping them see the value in what you do and join your practice) – this is using the Metasales ™ technique.


By the end of this two-day training each delegate will be able to:
1. Understand how other people think. If we understand why we want to do something, we find the how and we are then able to access our resources more easily.
2. Use their knowledge of how other people think to create a win/win situation.
3. Communicate precisely with team members to ensure the job gets done.
4. Communicate the right message when new enquiries come in to the practice, thereby increasing conversion rates.
5. Build rapport with other people rapidly for effortless communication.
6. Understand how another person has created their problem e.g. “I can’t afford this treatment” or “I can’t follow my oral health care advice” or “I can’t do that” and identify and utilise the best way to solve that problem.
7. Understand and identify ‘programs’ they are running in their own heads which influence the way they make decisions.
8. Understand and identify ‘programs’ other people run in their heads which influence the way they make their decisions.
9. Use linguistic patterns to help other people reach the right decision for them.
10. Understand what motivates themselves and other people and how these motivations can sometimes help and hinder any communication.
11. Ask questions in a logical and systematic way to solve any problem e.g. “I can’t afford this treatment” or “I can’t floss my teeth everyday” or “I can’t do that”.
12. Use THE NLP 5 STEP METASALES™ PROCESS to communicate the value of your services to prospective new patients thereby increasing revenues.

This 2-day master level workshop will enable you to have healthier patients because they follow your instructions, have a happier team that performs better because you all work together and increase revenues because you’re able to explain the value of what you do in a way that is right for the other person.

How is this workshop structured?

The entire workshop is structured around a series of short explanatory presentations, demonstrations of techniques and linguistic skills and then practice, practice, practice.

Delegate numbers will be limited to ensure that you have 1-2-1 coaching from Mark and Emma who will be able to assist you with each of the techniques.

One of the big things that people always comment on about NLP training is the fact that they can remember so much more of the course for longer afterwards.

This is because the content of the day will be delivered by Emma and Mark using unconscious learning techniques. This enables you to absorb information faster, process information quicker and retain the information for longer afterwards.

The unconscious learning techniques that are used to present the content of the course will also ensure that you can readily access each of the skills learnt at the time when they are needed. You don’t want to be reaching for a manual when a patient says “I can’t afford that”, you need to be ready to respond in a rapid, gentle and appropriate manner, you will find that the techniques learnt will be embedded within your mind for that rapid access.

What if I attend?

If you attend this training with an open and enquiring mind and apply your new skills you will find that your business runs smoother, your team members support each other more, patients reward you by referring their friends and revenues effortlessly increase.

The techniques and methods you will learn will remain with you for years to come ensuring that you reap the rewards of your investment over and over.

A new way awaits…

Workshop Contents



“If we truly understand how others think we can anticipate their thoughts and behaviours, this allows us to ‘step in to their shoes’ and to see the world through their eyes. Once we do this we have a deep understanding of how to communicate in the way that is perfect for THEM, not US. This ensures better outcomes for all. ” ~Mark



“A problem is solved at a higher level than where it was created” ~ Albert Einstein

“If we understand the other person’s problem e.g. “I can’t afford this treatment” or “I don’t want to do that ”or “I can’t follow my oral health care routine” and if we are able to understand the ‘level’ at which this problem is created we can ‘rise above’ that problem and find an elegant and rapid solution” ~ Emma


“Some people are ‘glass half full’ and some people are ‘glass half empty’ types. Some people have a natural ability to see the opportunity in every situation, and others only see obstructions and reasons not to do things. Why is this? It’s all down to meta programs and once we understand the programs that we all run in our head we can understand more about our own decisions and what influences the decisions of others. When used elegantly this can be brilliant for team communication and in new patient communication.” ~ Emma

“Have you ever noticed how some people can be very persuasive? Have you ever wondered why some people just manage to get things done with their team and customers? The words you use in your communication can either help the situation, or in many cases hinder, by understanding linguistic patterns it becomes easy to help other people reach the right decision.” ~ Mark



“The biggest challenges in communication comes when two people don’t understand each other. Values play a key part in our motivation and when two people don’t understand each other it is normally because they don’t understand each others motivational drivers/values”~ Emma

9. ‘SWOPS’ – an elegant technique for asking questions to reach solutions.


“Meta- a prefix used in English to indicate a concept which is an abstraction from another concept, used to COMPLETE or ADD to the latter.”~ Wikipedia

“When we bring all of this information from the two days together we end up with a simple NLP 5 Step Metasales ™ process with the easy to remember acronym EARNS. This is a technique that can be used by the entire team to encourage patients to follow your instructions in both an oral health and new patient situations” ~Mark

Investment £799 inc VAT per delegate.
Held at venues around the UK.

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Venue – Hilton Hotel, Watford, Hertfordshire.

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