Bookings for phobia cures

phobia curePhobia management is one of the simplest things to do in  NLP, think about it, most people acquire a phobia very quickly and at a specific time in their lives. At that point a new program runs in their mind every time they experience a specific trigger. All we need to do is to scramble that program and install the new one… This is the programming part of Neurolinguistic Programming.

I’m able to remove phobias such as phobias of spiders, heights, lifts, public speaking,snakes, needles in fact you name it we can get rid of it with NLP.

A typical phobia treatment takes about four hours and my guarantee is that you will leave the session cured, or I will work with you until you are.

To book a phobia cure or to find out more please call me on (0845) 259 1232 or filling in the form below.